What do Rolling Stone, Netscape, Nintendo, America Online, and Microsoft have in common? They've all benefitted from the innovative services of Fun Online Corp.

Ron Luks and Mike Schoenbach worked with companies online before anyone knew what "online" meant. Their company, Fun Online Corp., has evolved and grown with the Internet and for 25 years the pair has demonstrated incredible resourcefulness and professionalism. They're Internet pioneers who understand which solid solutions work and can spot the disappearing fads.

Fun Online provides 24/7 reputation management and community monitoring that's always online, even when your customer service department isn't. The company also provides unparalleled content creation and web production services.

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With more than 30 years of experience in online media, Ron is a leader in online community building and management, content creation and real-time publication. As one of the early leaders in online communication, Ron worked with the teams that developed such core technologies as email, community message boards and online chat rooms. In addition to his role as Fun Online co-founder, Ron also serves as an industry expert for leading corporations and was a member of the board of directors for Internet diet and fitness site, eDiets.com, where he served on the compensation and governance committees.

Prior to joining the budding Internet revolution, Ron was a general partner in the Wall Street firm Ernst & Co., and a member of the American Stock Exchange and other national stock and commodity exchanges.

Mike's interest in the Internet started early and he has nearly 30 years of online experience. In the early 1980's, at age 13, he coded and operated a dial-up Bulletin Board System and became the youngest contracted information provider, at age 16, for CompuServe. He graduated with honors from the New York Institute of Technology, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. He also has an MBA from Long Island University.

Mike has been at the forefront of online and social media activities, developing top-performing content and interactive programming for many of the world's best known online media companies. He is CEO of two New York-based businesses, has mentored other entrepreneurs and previously consulted with APBNews.com and Vault.com.