At any given time, more than two billion people are online. That's two billion potential customers who could be looking at your website and discussing your brand. So, who is managing and monitoring your online presence -- especially at night, on the weekends, and during holidays when your employees are offline?

It's a 24/7/365 world and the Internet is always on. Thirty percent of the world's population is online and may be mentioning your name on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or countless other social media sites. Are you listening? Are you interacting with the online community that's reaching out to you? If you're not listening to and engaging with your customers, your competition will be.

At Fun Online Corp. we’re your eyes and ears during business hours, evenings, weekends and holidays. A round-the-clock business infrastructure is expensive and can be a logistical nightmare. We can create a social media team or expand your current team and save you money. You’ll have 100 percent full coverage.

Social Media Site Monitoring

It’s Friday night. Someone starts a nasty rumor about your company. There’s a post on Facebook, it’s shared multiple times. The rumor makes it to Twitter where it is re-tweeted by thousands of users. Blog posts are written and shared. You become the target of angry rhetoric and your customers are asking questions. When you're back in the office Monday morning, you’ve got messages from the media and a public relations disaster on your hands.

Don't let this happen to you. The experienced monitoring specialists at Fun Online Corp. review a wide array of social media sites around the clock. We look for important positive customer traffic and handle any questions or negative feedback immediately. Our Internet triage operation makes sure the right information is routed to the correct people within your organization, every time. We are the manpower behind your social site monitoring. We provide a cost-efficient solution that's much less expensive than an in-house team and much more effective than mistake-prone automated monitoring software.

Contact us now to learn more on how we can do your social media monitoring for you.

Social Media Facilitation

We're good listeners, but we also take engagement to the next level. We not only pay attention to what people are saying about your company, brands and products, we respond and interact with social media users (and potential customers). Fun Online facilitators are your voice on the Internet.

We let people know their suggestions have been heard, their complaints are being addressed and we communicate in a way that builds brand loyalty and enhances your organization's online reputation. Our facilitators are experts in their respective fields and we match each facilitator to your specific needs. For a client looking for new mothers as customers, we provided pediatric nurse facilitators. For a client seeking personal safety tips, we provided a writer who was a former police officer. For a client offering relationship advice, we provided an author with a PhD in psychology.

Get the conversation started and build brand loyalty. Contact us today and don't miss a post, tweet or mention.

Online Community Creation/Maintenance

Fun Online Corp. can also help you create and monitor your own communities internally and externally. Online communities encourage repeat visits to your website, create varied and dynamic content and can function as an online neighborhood. We help you choose the best solution, provide facilitators, monitor exchanges and create a robust community visitors will see as a destination, not just a website.

Start building your online neighborhood today. Contact us to lay the foundation.

Content Creation and Publishing

You can put an article on your website, call it your content and never look at it again, but that's what your clients and potential customers will do too – visit once and never come back. Dynamic, relevant content is critical to improve your search engine results and a must to keep website visitors coming back for more.

Our experienced team of writers and editors create high-quality, customized editorial content you can brand as your own. Fun Online Corp. created and produced the Men's Channel and Love Channel for the Netscape portal. Both generated more than 20 million page views per week. We can do that for you. We provide an efficient solution to handle your site's content updating and publishing responsibilities and can deliver content in a variety of formats to meet your needs.

Static content is stale content. Contact Fun Online now for content that makes people click.